Huffaz hopefuls…

Prophet Muhammad said
“The best among you is the one who learns about the Quran and teaches it”

We are trying to get our Maryam (4), Musa (6) and Muhammad (7) to memorize the whole Quran. As a start, we train them memorize Surah Lazim i.e. from Ad-Dhuha till An-Nas.

We started with the famous Iqra’ series and the kumpulan Aliff VCD (great sing-along but some huruf were mispronounced eg. Shin..they sang Shim). Then we tried the old-school Muqaddam. Here’s what we discovered along the way:

1. Practicality: Muqaddam works better for our kids because it has Juz ‘Amma surahs in it. They prefer Muqaddam because they can see the surah that they listen to and use a lot during solat. They can use it. It’s practical. It works even faster when we take them to the mosque or surau and the imam recites the surah that they know. This would make their day. (Sometimes they can be louder and faster than the Imam.. out of excitement of course)

2. Repetition is the key to mastery. First, we get them to memorize. How? Let them listen to the same surah over and over again. Sometimes Umi and Abi would recite out loud. Other times Syeikh Masyari Rashid Al-Afasi would help them. (They have their own MP3 players) Try to perform solat Maghrib and Isyak in jama’ah so that they can hear the targeted surah again. Normally, after a few days they could memorize the surah completely. It gets trickier once it reaches Surah Al-Baiyinah.

3. Inspire: We would listen to Juz ‘Amma while on the road. Abi and Ummi enjoys reciting them, so kiddos love reciting them too. Always a happy face whenever we recite together. And sometimes we tell them the stories that we know from the Quran. Kids love animals, so guess which surah in surah lazim that they like? Bingo! Al-Fiil..the elephant story. The first surah that they memorized.

4. Accessibility: Make the Muqaddam accessible. Three muqaddam each. One in the study area (upstairs). One in front of the TV (downstairs) and another one in the van. It’s always there, within reach. Not hidden in the bag or stacked among the books on the book shelf but seen and within grasp…

One thought on “Huffaz hopefuls…

  1. Subhanallah!!! Bagus laaa anak2 sedara ku ini! Paklang and Maklang very very proud of all of u!!! Doakan kami kat sini ye….


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