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Salam to my dear readers..

IQ blocks, a set of wooden blocks to test your IQ and attitude, just landed in Malaysia a few weeks ago.  Very limited stock (hand-carried from oversea).  So, for those who ‘missed’ the chance last time to own this superddidupper blocks-of-fun, now is your opportunity.

(excerpt from an old entry)

What’s so cool about this block-of -fun?

  • It challenges your IQ.

There is a cute little booklet with 100 figures. Your task is to make each figure using the blocks (4 blocks with different shapes) under the time given. You must use ALL blocks. Sounds easy? Hehehh.. give it a try.
Of course, the challenge starts from simple to complex – from a 5-minute time limit to 15 minutes (per figure).  For example, if you can complete the first page, then your IQ level is 100. The highest? 150. Mine? Getting there…

  • It’s an ATTITUDE test

Playing with HiQu blocks teaches your kids and you to keep on trying. My bet is, you won’t be satisfied until you can complete the challenge. “Eii..tak puasnye bila tak boleh buat! Nak cuba jugak!!!” -kinda attitude. So, instead of preaching to your offspring “WE MUST PERSEVERE”, “NEVER GIVE UP”, “USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN” (zzzzzz), giving them these blocks does the job.

SMS me (Coach Sha) – 012 2017353 or e-mail me  coachsha@englishguru.com.my to place your order.                         (Buy 4 sets for RM 50 only; or get ONE set for RM 15.  Excluding delivery charges).


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