Sirah Lesson

Today we watched The Message with the kiddos. Watch – pause – explain – answer questions. It rejuvenates us as parents, as Muslims. Oh, the scene where Bilal was tortured, Sumayyah persecuted..we could see MuMu were ‘touched’. So many questions asked. ‘Who is that?’ ‘Why they put big rock on Bilal?’ ‘Is that a war strategy?’ (They were amazed with the battle scenes). I remember I first watched the movie when I was 8 or

The Message

9. My dad brought home a projector and we watched at home with the wall as the screen. From that day on, when I had to write my ‘biodata’ (u know zaman tulis-tulis autograf kawan dulu) I would put Anthony Quinn as my favourite actor (hahahhaa kononnya advanced la).

So all in all, my kiddos and us were touched by the movie. Kinda like a reminder for us. Could feel tears brimming in my eyes.

“O Allah! Help us be better, stronger Muslims. Amin.”

Casa-Escuela’s Movie Pick: The Message

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  1. coach,
    my blog been hacked during the weekend. now the new add is

    (the previous turned to a PORNO site – jeezzz!)


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