– Larry Cuban, 1989

What does this mean to you, as parents & teachers?  Drop me a line, ya!


3 thoughts on “Reflect!

  1. salam coachsha,

    lama x msk ur blog, dh byk berevolusi rupanya. errr…. kalau takde maksud tersirat, mmg bila kita teach, sbnrnya kita jadi ber’hoping’. er…. paham ke…. er… apa yg cuba aku ckp ni…ahaks….

    anyway, as a parents & also a malaysian, i’m really worried mengenai subjek math & sains yg diajar dlm bahasa inggeris (dalam sistem pendidikan di msia). if you watched ‘point of view’ programme you will understand.

    i know you’re a homeschooler but i would like to hear your thoughts about it…. since you’re a motivator (yg juga mengajar english). er….

    another thing (please share with me), i heard about 1 parent, 1 language concept : to encourage your children to be fluent in 2 languages. as for me (i love to communicate wth my children in malay), is it ok if we speak in english alternate days. will it make my children confuse? really looking forward for ur ‘bernas’ reply.

    p/s : pls mind my language

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