More Games

One good vocabulary game is the Word Expansion game.

Simply write a long word on a white board and get the kiddos to find other words using the letters in the long word.

Note: 1. The long word must be related to something the kids are familiar with. Better still, find a word that they use a lot everyday. Eg. TRANSFORMERS, INCREDIBLE (‘Hulk’ of course), PLAYGROUND and PARLIAMENT (early exposure to politics :-))

P/S: (Once they asked about S*D*MY, then we told them about the story of people during Nabi Lut’s time. We mentioned something about the ‘unnatural’ thing a man would do to or with another man. Something bad, really bad and they said …”OIC” fuhh lega). They are very familiar with MURDER though. Do you know why? because their father loves CSI (Vegas) so much. Last month they had to endure 25 episodes of CSI season 7 in 3 days. Naturally of course, they would pick up and ask about the new words they heard.

Note 2: Use a white board instead of a book or a piece of paper. Our MUMUMA love the markers, the smell of the markers and the opportunity to write with it. It gives them sheer pleasure to write something and all the attention is on them while writing.

We didn’t tell them (MUMU i.e. Muhammad and Musa) what to write but we helped MA (Maryam). Most three letter words were hers. So here’s what they did last night and they can’t wait for another session.


3 thoughts on “More Games

  1. coachsha,

    my sis n i used to play (compete on) this a lot when we were kids hehe πŸ™‚

    it’s quite similar to a computer game called “text twist” which my husband and i used to play lot during our uni days.. the difference is: 1) the long word is jumbled up so it’s an anagram as well 2) the game lets you know how many combination and permutations there are exactly.. if you googled this, i’m pretty sure ada byk free ones online..

    another game which i’m reminded of, is from a uk show called ‘conundrum’. contestants draw several consonants and several vowels (less than consonants naturally). based on the alphabets drawn (perhaps 10-12 altogether) – they will compete on who could come up with the longest word from the alphabets drawn.

    it would be nice to have lots of magnetic alphabets when playing this kind of games. toys’r us has pretty good ones at RM9.95/36 alphabets πŸ™‚

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