Cahaya Permata recording with Ms Anne Ngasri

Coming soon to TV1, a new show on parenting and family life… Cahaya Permata.

I was invited as a guest for two episodes plus one.  My deepest appreciation to Dr. Tengku Asmadi for recommending me to the RSS Media production team.  It was a ‘chit-chat’ type of show and I had loads of fun with the bubbly and lovely compere – Anne Ngasri.  She looked so radiant (there’s a baby in her tummy!!) and was very friendly.

The show will be aired every Monday at 10 am.  Target audience? Mommies of course.  My topics were:  (1) Busy Parents – Kids Taken Care by Maids and (2) Training Kids to do House Chores.

9 thoughts on “Cahaya Permata recording with Ms Anne Ngasri

  1. monday 10 am? how to watch la coach! huhu, better yet, ask someone help load it to youtube eh? like mamafiza did

  2. Assalamu’alaykum Coachsha,

    I got your name from Mamafiza so you can guess I am interested in homeschooling. I live in your area too, which is great.

    Do you think you can drop me a line at There are a few questions that hav ebeen bugging me and need to thrash them out. You know, normal things, like co-curriculumn, socialisation, time-management.


  3. Bravo sis! Announce ye bila akan on air? Actually this programme setiap hari apa? kol berapa? mmg jarang sgt tgk TV.. tak berapa tau bila ada new program

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