my new biz in the making

In my journey to attract abundance rezeki for me and mi familia, I’ve ‘found’ my next line of product (ewah.. like..designer you..)

*drum roll por favor*

Stuff to make teaching and learning fun, enjoyable and entertaining!!!

Something that’s very close and dear to my heart – TEACH, LEARN, FUN.

InshaAllah, these are what I’ll be producing and creating with the help and support of my partner, kiddos, family and friends (I’ll never walk alone):

  • English learning pack for teens & kids (products related to our ESB Seminar)
  • STICKERS!!! (mi favorita) – here’s the first batch, fresh from the oven. Whaddayathink?

coachsha\'s stickerzone

  • card & board games (inspired by TABOO!, QURAN CHALLENGE, maybe even CLUEDO)
  • GRAMMICS (Grammar Comics – need help from cartoonist)
  • WOWwords (a booklet with list of words to impress others!!muahahaha)
  • series of mini-books/e-books of teaching ideas & resources for English teachers; and
  • OUR ULTIMATE DREAM: turning English Sure Boleh! Seminar into a book and make it a bestseller!

These are my dreams. Writing them down really helps to CLARIFY and STRENGTHEN them.

Sure, it takes time to materialize them..but let’s take it a day at a time.

p.s: InshaAllah, by November 2008 I must have registered as a PhD candidate in a nearby U. Aamiin.

4 thoughts on “my new biz in the making

  1. yes coach. rezeki needs to be attracted, rather than waited upon.

    all the best!!!!

    nanti dah sukses jgn lupo den yo. nanti kocik ati den.

    p/s: to reply your sms: Tak. mak dok rumah je layan anak2. tak join itu demo kat PJ. hang sempat pi ka coach?

    coach kita sebaya. (tak relevant)

  2. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Gambatte, gambatte ne! *hugs*

    Best of luck in your new biz my lady ^-^

    I’ll always pray for you. Amin~

    p/s: U always make me smile with ur writings! Can’t wait to meet u in LIVE world *cuddles*

    p.p.s: Like ur new layout!

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