My Kiddos’ Classroom…

is the world. But when at home, in our cozy casa, this is where the kids hang out with their coaches, Coach Ridz & Coach Sha aka Abi & Umi.

The Board of Direct-ion

The Rackademics – books, mags, games

The Round Table – for fun practice

The Lounge – real comfy for ‘forty winks!’

The ’emergency’ curtain – nailed to the wall to trap the cool air.

The Outdoor – for arts and PE

7 thoughts on “My Kiddos’ Classroom…

  1. coachsha, thanks for sharing the photos. so inspiring! nak tiru, nak tiru.. hehe.. boleh ye? i like the ‘folder-box’ thingy at the rackademics – so organized!

  2. Sisterz Mynie, Mektwain and MummyQai:

    ahlan wa sahlan wa tamar wa zamzam

    muchas gracias for dro’ing by. Sis Mynie nampaknya dah lupa ajaran zaman skolah dulu..”Jangan Meniru!” Ish.ishh…tapi takpa..barang baeekk boleh tiru punyaaa…and make it more happening!

    Mektwain, fuuoohh i dedicate a special post for your Q. Speshelll wooo..

    MummyQai – memang kami memBESAR sesama..kami suka makan.

    Thanks gals..bai bai steve.

  3. Salam..

    Selamat berkenalan..dpt ur id from Mamafiza blog…you’re inspiring to homeschool my children tapi maybe part time je i’allah..Anyway thanks for all the tips..

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