It’s a holi-holiday..hooray

Two weeks off – school holiday! (No seminars, but homeschooling goes on as usual).

So my casa-escuela gang spend time at home, organizing our school area upstairs.  Pictures shall be posted soon.  Hey, I even had my Personal English Coaching session with my two lovely students there.

We put a/c there.. so it’s nice and cozy.  To trap the cool air, Mr. Handyman Ridz Tim Allen, nailed 4 metres of curtains from ceiling down.  Yup!  Nailed!!! No railings whatsover.  Just nailed that curtain directly to the ceiling.

So much for Casa Impian..but hey, it works for Casa-Escuela..Muahaahaa!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s a holi-holiday..hooray

  1. coachsha,

    can’t wait to see those pictures. do u manage to get a gd for bargain furnitures for ur hschool…? (remember u mentioned in the hschool unite blog).

    if u do, pls share as i’m also looking furnitures. adios (the only mexican i know, or is it spain). ha..ha…

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