Mu-Mu Karate Grading

Yesterday was Muhammad and Musa’s Karate grading. From white to yellow. FYI, it was Musa’s first ‘public encounter’ with kids his age. Muhammad blended well (he’s a people-person). Musa kept asking me – “Why do we have to line up?” Never had to line up before, sih!

It was an exposure for them. When it was their turn to do the ‘kata’, Umi was the one who got nervous. Musa is sitting next to me now while I’m typing and he said, “Musa got nervous!!”.

I’m thinking of taking up karate as well. My kiddos are one belt ahead of me. Watchaa..Kiyaaaii…Umi’s gonna getcha!

*promo: if you live around Bangi-Sri Putra-Putrajaya area, come join Karateworks at Bandar Sri Putra. Sensei Fadhil. Next grading, August!

**Thanks Mark-Lung for such happening collage!  You are the best.


8 thoughts on “Mu-Mu Karate Grading

  1. eeyah!!! kedebush!debush!
    erk.. bunyi je lebih ni.. tapi tak pernah join uhuks! kita dulu masuk yang lemah gemalai jer i.e gimrama etc 😛 but, i’m planning to enroll Damia & Danish kat martial arts class..mcm daddy dia. hehe.. biaq mommy sorang gemalai cukup le hehe

  2. erna dear, u must tell us bout your trip! wajib!

    mektwain, my Mu-Mu said they’ll wait 4u at the field – a duel! Bring along your leather belt, seat belt, etc..

  3. coachsha…wowie junior juice! last time i offered a sparring session with someone else’s kids, i was turned down…hahaha….but your sons….waa….sgt berani yah! mari mari, lawan mekcik…

  4. hi…. best jugak tgk kids blajar karate. My kids are all in taekwondo….

    you homeschool your kids? wow……. i really salute you. Your kids are so lucky, dont have to mengadap the text book to find out about things, but to experience it sendiri…..

  5. mektwain the warrior, sapa kalah belanja cupcake yang lazat itu…

    miss helena, (what a lovely name!)
    Alhamdulillah, we choose to homeschool coz we have the time and our job allows that freedom.
    They don’t have to mengadap the textbooks but they have to mengadap our faces day in day out….

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