Homeschool turns Vanschool + Hotelschool = Cool!

“So, where are your kids?”

“Oh.. they are at the hotel/motel/resort/guesthouse etc. They follow us wherever we go.”

“How old is the eldest?  He doesn’t go to school yet, does he?”

“Muhammad is 7.  Musa 6.  Maryam 4.  They don’t go to school.  We do homeschooling.”

Hehhehh..this is where the reaction varies.  Frowns.  Blank.  Eyebrows raised. Curious.  Surprised.  Shocked.  Want to know more.  Could care less.  Supportive.  Whatever.

One side:  “You mean, they don’t go school?”   “Is it allowed?”  “How do they learn?” “Whatabout their UPSR?”

The other side:  “Wow!!! That’s interesting.”  “My sis homeschools her kids too.”  “I’ve read about this before.”

The third one:  no response.  conversation ends.  change subject.


Sure, our kiddos miss out on some stuff like ringing of school bells, the joy of canteen cuisine, the group seating (kumpulan anggur, kumpulan ciku) and jadual kebersihan.  Yup, they don’t have the chance to cheer for rumah merah or rumah kuning.  Owh…they might never be school prefects!

But, for now, homeschooling is our choice.  As their parents, we’d like to exert as much influence (and control) as possible on their learning and education.  Selagi boleh, selagi terdaya, InshaAllah.

Seeing real animals sure beats seeing them in pictures.

Maryam creatively colours the right box.  The girl’s got taste!

How comfy and cozy and bouncy.  Homework-on-bed.

Pretending to sleep….


Kota Bharu

Casa-Escuela kids and coaches arrived in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This is Sarah’s first trip to Darul Naim at the age of 4 months. Hey, this is also Aisyah’s (our nanny/tutor) first trip to Negeri Cek Mek Molek at the age of…..20 somethin’.

We stayed at Rumah Rehat Sri Anggerik in *WCY. A very spacious bungalow owned by Dr. Hisham, who operates his own clinic just across the street. 3 bedrooms, air-conditioned. Fridge, 2 rice cookers, a washing machine and a little TV available. We bring our own DVD player (always do). If any of you heading to KB and looking for a place to stay, e-mail me for Dr. H’s hp no.

*WCY = Wakaf Che Yeh

Maryam in her orange shades, feels at home in KB.

Rumah Rehat Sri Anggerik. (Sorry didn’t take photos of the interior, but on the record – it’s cozy.)

Yati Ayam Percik, Jalan Long Yunus. The best ayam percik gravy ever! Burp..Alhamdulillah.