Missing the net

Salam! Did you get it? Missing U. The letter ‘u’ is missing. 3 days in kota bharu, now in alor staq. Blogging via the lovely P990i sony ericsson.
More photos coming soon!
Mi Casa-escuela still goes on, thanks to Aisyah, our kids’ tutor – graduating engin student. Oh so sad, she’s flying to germany next week to work as a nanny there.
See, when we travel, we take the whole troop plus a helper (maksit) frm Cambodia plus a U-student as part-time tutor.
We are not superparents. We are human after all. We get tired, we get sleepy after talking n seminar-ing the whole day. That’s why we need these tutors to help us. we have a list of them, available on-call.
Wanna write more but typing on this super mini keyboard is troublesome lah.. heheh;complaining..so TBC.