Hanging out in Kerteh

Alhamdulillah…mi familia has safely arrived to Sri Kembangan from Kemaman. Wanted to buy kopok lekor and hadiah to all my blog buddies..but niatku tak kesampaian. Maybe next time, ok.

If any of my dear readers heading to kemaman-kerteh-paka area, and looking for a place to stay, Kerteh Lodge has my vote. Every year, whenever our big van of fun has programs there, we’d make Kerteh Lodge our crib.

For only RM110 per night, you get a 2-room apartment, fully air-conditioned. Astro also available (minus movie channels). The kitchen is nice and clean. There’s a fridge and a big electric kettle provided. Rice cooker not provided (bawak sendiri le). McD is within a walking distance (the only one in Tganu so far, I think). For dinner, stalls are nearby.

Oh, one more thing, if you do ‘hand-laundry’, the clothes will dry quickly (tpt sidai baju dekat air-cond compressor! hahah). Pictures coming soon.

What to see in Kemaman-Kerteh? The ‘oil-refinery’ (not sure if this is the correct name). You can explain to your kids how the car gets its fuel. See, one topic covered for homeschooling!

5 thoughts on “Hanging out in Kerteh

  1. Dearest Miss CoachSha,

    Welcome back *hugs*

    Wish you were in great health ^_-

    Uh oh, truly admire your life journey. Seronoknya working + homeschooling + traveling = FUN!

    Just can’t wait to read your update! Hugs n kisses to your kiddies ya *smooches*

    Please do take care of your health. Gambatte ne!

  2. Salam Coach!

    Wow! seronoknya!
    Alahai, too bad i’m not at home when you visit T’ganu! 😦
    I think i know that place! Mc D kerteh tu la tmpt persinggahan wajib before masuk KT. But now we already have Mc D in KT town! yehaa!!! hehe.. so when is the next trip to KT? habaq mai naaa… *wink*

  3. alahai kak sha…. syioknya traveling..
    hari tu masa kak sha ada seminar kat alor star tak dapat nak join… may be next time kalau pi belah2 kedah or penang… bg tau ye

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