In between traveling

My lovely, lovely readers… well mi familia just got back from a week-long stay in Teluk Intan. ‘Berkampung’ at the rest house there. (Quite spacious, so suitable when traveling with kids. Plus, restaurants, 7-E, post office, CC, bundle shop are within walking distance.) Ridz and I had a blast doing our ESB seminar at SMK Tun Abd Razak, Selekoh (STARS). For the whole escuela!!! Form 1 until Upper 6 and the teachers and staff too.

We went to STARS last year, during Ramadhan (yup, we do take bookings in Ramadhan). That was a few weeks before SPM 2007. The students who took part in ESB couldn’t get enough of it *wink*. Pn. Hjh Rahmah, the principal loved it. So, early January this year, she called me and booked us for the whole STARS population. By the way, when the SPM results came out last March, there was a 9% jump for English papers. (The school targeted 5% – so imagine how happy they were..are).

Oh, I must mention that we had a guest speaker for ESB4Teachers and Upper-6 students – Dr. Rohayu. I must tell my readers that she did a superb job inspiring the pre-U students to go ahead and dream. Dream big. I caught some of the girls wiping away their tears. What comes from the heart touches the heart! Bravo Doc!!!

Confession: She inspired me too (if you are reading this Doc, you are the best!) My goal – by November this year I must have registered for post-grad – PhD. Hmm…Dr.Sha.. sounds nice, kan? Ay caramba!!!

11 thoughts on “In between traveling

  1. Wah! Ada geng nanti buat phd, welcome to the club! Hehehe. Btw, what area of specialty are u planning to do on? I have an auntie senior lecturer in English kat UPM, kot2 la u want to hook up with her for your phd or just for advise, hehe.

  2. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Miss you deeply my buddy *hugs*

    Love reading this post! Your hubby and you are so sweet! I’m truly happy and proud of you ^_-

    Gambatte ne for your future PhD, I’ll always pray for you. Amin~

    Lots of love to your lovely kiddies ya ^-^

  3. weh nak jugak la title Dr…. heheheh!

    tapi la ni baru nak terhegeh2 nak apply buat master! oh tidaakkkkkkkk!!!

    jauh lagi perjalanan hidupku!!

  4. wahai geng bas sekolah ku…

    Mss anamiraa, mektwain, mamafiza:
    Thanxabradybunch for your postv words and thots. Really made my day!!! Yeehahaaaa.

    When can really meet and chat face2face yah? Like the ya-ya sisterhood (have u ladies read the books? muy muy fantastico!!)

    ps: vogue takpa jangan rogue kan cik anamiraa kan kan?

  5.’ve been thinking about pursuing master since…errrr….2years ago but still haven’t make up my mind!with a new baby coming..rasanya i need another 2years to think!hahaha..
    anyway..gambatte ne!!bila i balik mesia maybe i can call u dr sha *wink**wink*

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