Hitting the road: Sungai Besar, S’ngor

Awwww…couldn’t make it to the smartkid exhibition at PWTC today (Sunday hopefully).

After ‘asr today, the big van of fun will leave the crib to go to Sungai Besar, right before Sabak Bernam. Everybody’s tagging along for this trip (as usual laah).

Tomorrow evening, will be back home. Then Monday, off again to Diamond Gulf, Perak. For 7 days!! Yee-haaa..

Thinking of taking them to see the firefly place – but haven’t discussed with Commander-in-Chief yet. But I’ve some lesson plans brewing in my head for this trip. In the van, among ‘wajib’ games include:

  • “I spy with my beautiful hazel eyes something that begins with the letter…”
  • Negeri-negeri (anyone played this before during schooldays). Our categories: Name, Country, Fruit, Animal, Thing, Vehicle, Song
  • Singing out loud
  • Listening to audiobooks and songs of choice (Muhd and Musa have their own MP3)

But our routine once Hiace wheels start to roll – Doa for traveling, Salawat and Zikr – loudly.

So, kiddos.. buckle up and ready for take off!

12 thoughts on “Hitting the road: Sungai Besar, S’ngor

  1. coach,
    hang order la satu bas persiaran besar tu pastu makeup sikit kasi jadi macam itu hotel bergerak. mesti lagi vogue your journey!

    i can’t believe you have been doing this for 4 years??!

    mak salute hang weh! keep up the inspiration!

  2. ms ana_miraa…

    hang ni pandai plak baca firasat fikiran cek naa..

    wa cakap sama lu, dah pegi Siam dah survey camne nak make-up itu van. Pas tu dah pegi tengok caravan secondhand kat jln Klang Lama…kelas sih! dah contact caravan company kat ostrolia lagi..

    One day, nak buat ENGLISH COACH (geddit??)
    nak buat kelas bergerak..transporting people from office to home dan dalam Eng Coach nanti boleh santai sambil belajar English. Ohh that’s our dream….. zzzzz (tertido plak).

  3. coach,
    yes why not. nanti ambik anak2 wa kat rumah ok! ahaks!

    dreaming is great! nothing is impossible.

    kun fayakunn..

  4. coach,
    lupa nak habaq mai.

    kayu hang dah sampei tengahari tadi. nanti sms me the total AND your bank account. 013-2089488 cis glamer la pulak publish hp no kat sini hihihii!)

    still figuring out my IQ..hihihihi…

  5. wahh…like Ride The ENGLISH COACH With COACH SHA!!! wahahah…me love!!! keep up the great work!! bestnyaa…saya pun duk mimpi2 nengok kat travel channel bas2 and caravan2 yg luxurious itew…:-P…nanti bukan budak2 yg sign up for the english coach…mak2 budak yg berebut dulu kot!! hehehehhee…

  6. salam salam!!!

    ma danish.. i spy with my rabun eyes someone that begins with the letter ‘D’…

    mommyhafiy…worait..siap je bas nanti sila daftar jadi geng bas sekolah ok.

    proudmama.. thanx for visiting…hopefully dapat aura twins.

    ummu seif.. to be good at any language, just USE it Ok. I’ll be your sparring partner!

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