Did we do THAT?

On the way back from our Kelantan seminar trip last year, we stopped at Tasik Banding. If you go to Kelantan via Grik, Perak, for sure you will enjoy such a scenic view. We found a floating chalet (yup, you can feel the room swaying ala-ala Michael Buble 😉 )The highlight of this spur-of-the-moment mini vacation was….

the whole family jumping into the lake with life jackets (Abie, Umie, Muhd, Musa and Maryam and little Sarah in Umie’s tummy).

Imagine! We jumped into the deep, dark lake just like that! And none of us can really swim with style. Doggy-paddle or katak-style boleh, laa. Back then, I didn’t think of ‘bad thoughts’. I can remember clearly the voices inside my brain that time: “Either now or never. When will we get the chance to do this again. Masuk je…Rugi nanti..” And the whole of me complied.

Now, looking back, suddenly all ‘bad thoughts’ come flashing in front of my eyes – drowning (na’udzubillah), big animals swimming under the dark water, big monsters under the lake.. hiisssshhh…stop it, stop it!

Will I do it again? Hmm.. maybe not swimming in the lake but something else perhaps… like bungee jumping maybe?


7 thoughts on “Did we do THAT?

  1. wahlao, tasik banding! i always look forward to seeing this lake whenever we go east bound to balik kampung. siap pesan lagi, “wake me up when we reach tasik banding!”

  2. Ms Raggedyanne,
    next time, don’t just wake up. Wake up AND jump!

    Ms Nur,
    welcome to my house. Left a message kat yr shoutbox, dear.

  3. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Truly best vacation! *uh oh seronoknya*

    Sgt gembira melihat you and your kiddies sungguh ceria *kawai* I am really happy for you my dear 🙂

    Me: belum pernah mandi di tasik *oh!*

  4. heyy. i seriously need your help please……
    Im going to Tasik Banding with my photography club of my school the week after nxt week.
    and Im finding accommodation at Tasik Banding.
    and it’s kind of hard searching.
    do you mind to tell me where was this cheap chalet..
    I accidentally got its name which was Mohammad Shah resort izit?
    do u have their phone nomber so that i can contact with them?
    thanks for your help….

    • Jimmy,

      Yup, it is Mohamad Shah chalet. Modest accommodation, floating on water. You’ll feel it bobbing..like a real water bed hahaa. Fun though.

      You can request ikan bakar for dinner. We had ikan tengkalan last time, trademark of Tasik Banding.

      Sorry bro, no phone number.

      If i’m not mistaken, new chalets are available on the other side of the bridge.

      Enjoy your trip and looking forward to see the pix.

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