Found! Mind & Attitude Challenge for Kids and You

Kids love playing with blocks. They love to create things. So, when we bought HiQu blocks for Muhammad and Musa, they were enthralled! Super-duper excited! Hey, even I had to wait for my turn to play .
What’s so cool about this block-of -fun?
  • It challenges your IQ.
There is a cute little booklet with 100 figures. Your task is to make each figure using the blocks (4 blocks with different shapes) under the time given. You must use ALL blocks. Sounds easy? Hehehh.. give it a try.
Of course, the challenge starts from simple to complex – from a 5-minute time limit to 15 minutes (per figure).
For example, if you can complete the first page, then your IQ level is 100. The highest? 150. Mine? Getting there…
  • It’s an ATTITUDE test

Playing with HiQu blocks teaches your kids and you to keep on trying. My bet is, you won’t be satisfied until you can complete the challenge. “Eii..tak puasnye bila tak boleh buat! Nak cuba jugak!!!” -kinda attitude. So, instead of preaching to your offspring “WE MUST PERSEVERE”, “NEVER GIVE UP”, “USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN” (zzzzzz), giving them these blocks does the job.

  • “Where can I get this block-buster fun-tastic educational toy?” (I heard you asking yourself that question.)

Contact yours truly by e-mailing me:

1 set is RM 10 only!!!!
Buy 5 sets for RM 40!!! What a deal, mum and dad.
We suggest you keep a stock of HiQu blocks at home, in the car. That’s what we do. A perfect gift for your nieces, nephews, friend’s kids, friend’s kids’ parents, boss’ child, your professor, your partner, anyone
They’ll remember and thank you for such a mind-opening experience.

12 thoughts on “Found! Mind & Attitude Challenge for Kids and You

  1. ok, i’m busted!

    bagi 5 ok. empat untuk anak2 satu untuk mama dia yang nak check berapa iq 😉 nak bank in to your account?

    total with courier?

    sms me at 013-2089488

    thanks a bunch!

  2. Salam Coachsha!

    Saya bloghop dr ana & mek..hehe.. btw, totally impressed with you!! Hope you don’t mind i link your page ya.
    Btw, i’m interested with this block! Nak jugak boleh? Set 5 tu maksudnya semua sama ke?
    Boleh bawak untuk isi masa budak2 dalam airplane nanti.. 🙂
    Boleh ke pos ke KT? Thank you!

  3. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Super-duper COOL, love this one!

    Please reserve for me & my kiddies. Insya-Allah gotta send ya details before April 2008 *sorry for being busy*

    Gonna met ya in next playgroup, soon?

  4. Salam Sis..

    Berminat ngan block ni.. Pls emailkan total skali ngan pos yer. Sy kat Ampang..

    ekceli jatuh cinte ngan ur posting kat littlekettle. Tu yg mengorek blog ni.. ehee..

  5. assalamualaikum wrth,

    Dear coachsha,
    been visiting your blog…fantastic job…my doa, one day i also can quit my job and stay at home with my kids, Insyallah…

    really interested to have this whole set of blocks. nak order gak ler…sume sets sekali, 5 sets kan…nti give me ur details ye…jazakallah..salaam

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