Back on the road

InshaAllah, Tuesday (March 4) after breakfast mi familia will be on the road again after …. mmm after five months of being ‘stationary’. Our first family trip this year will be Umbai, Melaka. Alahaai ikan bakar!

Now that Sarah has entered the troop, our traveling this year will not be as hectic as before. Imagine, for the last two years we were quarter-nomads. January in Kelantan, Feb in Ganu, March in Pahang. Then off to Sabah, Johor, Selangor, KL… In the upcoming years, ada rezeki, we might be in Jakarta, Brunei, Dubai… Nothing’s impossible, InshaAllah.

That’s why we have to go for homeschooling. We want to stay close to each other. I want to see them growing up in front of my eyes. Plus, there’s so much to learn along the journey.

So gotta go and get packed. Nowadays, no more luggages for us. Using baskets instead. Muy muy easy maa… Plus, our Hiace is soooo spacious.. with clothes basket, food basket, toys, booooooks, snacks, pillows, Umi and Abi’s seminar apparel, etc etc.

Melaka, here we come!


2 thoughts on “Back on the road

  1. Salam,
    I am in the US and will move to Malaysia in a few years. I am wondering about HSers in Malaysia.
    How popular is it? Can you inform me about the legalities. Also my oldest daughter is 11 now, she will be High School age when we move, are colleges accepting HSers? Also any other information that you might have.

    HSing es lo mejor!


  2. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    I truly love the idea of “travel with kids”, it’s so amusing!

    Lovely preparation, life is an art ^_-

    *I vote for the Hiace!*

    Have a safe journey my dear. Do take great care of your health 🙂

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