Hafazan Surah and Doa

Isn’t it lovely and heartwarming when our kids can recite Surah in their solat?

Isn’t it touching and soothing when our kids can recite doa after solat FOR US, their parents?

The key is repetition. Don’t worry if they can’t even read Arabic yet, but it’s helpful if they recognize alif ba ta.

We’ve tried this with our kids and we’d like parents out there to practice with their kids, InshaAllah.

  • Make a point to solat jamaah as a family, father as the imam of course.
  • After Al-Fatihah, father recites the surah you want kids to memorize.
  • Read the surah as often as possible during solat jamaah, in the car, at home, from CD or MP3. FEED their EARS!
  • Listen to them reciting the surah to you. This is the part where we as educators guide them with their pronunciation (i.e makhraj) and also a little bit of tajwid (2 harakat, shaddah etc).
  • Be patient!!!! This is the trying part. Remember when we learnt Quran or Muqaddam as kids. Sometimes we got frustrated right? So put ourselves in kid’s shoes (or crocs hahah).
  • Do it over and over and over, InshaAllah, even a 3-yr old can pick up the surah and reads it in her own language.
  • Tips: If one parent starts to ‘hilang sabar’ (maklumlah..manusia biasa kan?), the other parent takes over.
  • Tips: If they recognize the alphabets, write out the words – letter by letter- as visual aids.
  • The same process works for DOA as well. I’m sure most kids can recite Doa Makan right? Now, teach them Doa 4 Parents – “Allahummaghfirlanaa zunuubanaa..”

May Allah bless us all. Amiin.

4 thoughts on “Hafazan Surah and Doa

  1. i’m tring to teach my twins alif ba ta too, “aa ee uu, baa bee buu..” (ni cara zaman kita dulu daa), hehe…but they will go, “ee aa ee, aa ee aa”…haha…sabau2.

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