Start a blog 4 your kids

Writing helps us to express ourselves. Like adults, kids have feelings too. They have stories to tell and share. They are just like us, only smaller and tinier in size.So, my latest project is starting a blog for my three kids, Muhammad, Musa and Maryam.

  • Let the kids create and decide what they want to write. As parents/coaches, we give ideas and suggestions.
  • Most kids nowadays are familiar with computer keyboards, so they can type on their own.
  • Another option is, have them write on a paper and you can type for them.
  • Any way you choose, give them the FREEDOM to express themselves.
  • Insert some images or videos. Kids love visuals and sounds.

Why blogging?

  • keeping up-to-date with the latest communication style
  • they SEE results! (C’mon, we as adults love seeing what we write appears on the net and get responses frm others right?)
  • when they see the product (i.e the blog posted online) they have the motivation to write more.
  • writing IS reading, and reading is power. Read more, know more, more power.
  • kids are natural storytellers – and honest ones too. We learn more about life by seeing the world from their eyes.
  • it’s EF..YU..EN.. FUN FUN FUN.

p/s: Check out my kiddos’ blogs (Muhammad, Musa, Maryam) – see blogroll – and leave some comments. They’d be honored to receive and read them.

5 thoughts on “Start a blog 4 your kids

  1. The kiddies blogs are tomeeiiii…hehe…

    Btw, a lil comment on the Cluedo game: That was one of my favorite childhood games too! My sisters and I were really boardgames geeks, we had Cluedo, Monopoly, Saidina, Scrabble, Where In Time Was Carmen Sandiago?, Garfield, Wizard of Oz, and we even made up our own version of Payday, hehe.

    During my college days, I came to love another board game called “Risk”. It’s a game of strategy and world domination. Your family will love it!

  2. Dear Shy Guy,
    I gave them 30 minutes in the morning to update their blog. They got so excited that sometimes they go blogging before even brushing their teeth… (or is that a normal thing for bloggers?)

    Mektwain ku,
    U boardgame geek you!! Speaking of Risk, twice we started playing but quarter-way only. I read the manual a couple of times coz it’s like erm.. like..I mean.. me! (sad, huh).
    But saya akan terus berusaha ke mercu kejayaan untuk meng-conquer dunia ini..muahahahaha.

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