Trip to Muzium Negara

Abie was telling a story about Hang Tuah to the kids. They asked to see the warrior’s face, how he looked like. You know kids.. they want confirmation, right? Muhammad and Musa even suggested YouTube, just in case Hang Tuah’s there. Hahaaa..

So we decided to take them to Muzium Negara. Rasa-rasa macam ada potret Hang Tuah kat sana (memori lawatan sekolah rendah).

What a disappointment! Some parts of the museum were under renovation. Grrr…. But the little historians-in-the-making learned about colonization. The Dutch, the Portuguese, the British occupation of our homeland.

Personally, Muzium Taiping is waaaaayyy interesting!

So, back to Hang Tuah – I think we’ll go find the P.Ramlee movie after this. Teneng neneng teneneng neneng (the background music of the fighting scene…Raja zalim raja disanggah!! something like that..)

2 thoughts on “Trip to Muzium Negara

  1. Hoi..Hang Jebat…
    Mektwain dear, you haven’t missed a thang. The museum still like zaman sekolah kita dulu. Still ada pakcik jual aiskrim brainwashing kids to beg their parents to buy them i.c.
    Skip museum and go somewhere else, k.

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