today’s lesson: Loop-di-loop Writing

I love cursive handwriting. Orang dulu-dulu have such nice and delicate handwriting, right? Unlike today’s generation – coz we are so used to typing. That’s why I’d like my kiddos to practice their penmanship by learning to write cursive. After all, this is a good hand-eye exercise for them (sampai mulut pun ikut senget when writing). If we want our kids to be readers, they must be writers as well. Writing IS reading.

Why cursive? Well, why not? Of course there are pros and cons to teaching kids cursive. In today’s day and age, anybody can get by without nice or legible handwriting since typing is all it takes to express oneself. But, personally I want my kids to practice good penmanship no matter how advanced we become technologically.

It’s not the end that matters, but the PROCESS of learning which includes:

  • sharpening their fine motor skills (from wikipedia:coordination of small muscle movements which occur e.g., in the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes. In application to motor skills of hands (and fingers) the term dexterity is commonly used.)
  • paying attention to details
  • developing artistic skills
  • being patient (doing it over and over again)
  • instilling passion for writing AND reading
  • and enjoying our time together as a family
  • oh one more, cursives help improve their jawi/arabic handwriting and vice versa.

Where to start? Loads for online worksheets available. Just type ‘cursive worksheets for kids’ and va va voom! You’ll get it. I compiled them and make a booklet for mis estudiantes.

10-15 minutes a day is enough – I treat cursive session as ‘a commercial break’ during their homeschool lessons.

Go ahead and give this a try!


10 thoughts on “today’s lesson: Loop-di-loop Writing

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    Wish you were in joyful moment *hugs*

    OMG, cursive handwriting! *high-5*

    Can’t agree more, indeed I salute your ways on teaching your lovely kiddies *cheers*

    Your kiddies cursive handwriting are superb! They deserved a 5 star ranking *cuddles*

    Me too, fall in love with the art of cursive writing and teach the same method for my kiddies. BTW, my own handwriting is exactly like typing and I tried my best to improve it by learning together with ’em *Alhamdulillah*

    May you have a great day. Amin~

    p/s: Miss you so much my darling dear ^_-

  2. Dear Coachsha,
    Let me applaud you on teaching the children to write cursive. As you have explained there are many benefits and your approach of 10 to 15 min is just enough to not make it boring. So many teachers do not want to take the time as in our public schools they feel over burdened with activities but cursive does teach fine motor skills, attention to detail, patience and so much more but one of the most important is impulse control. this is a skill that will benefit them no matter what they do in the future.
    Good Luck

  3. gosh, you have such amazing kids *ehem* that explains the amazing mother they have 🙂 tekun2 belaka. insya-allah, when my daughter is bigger, i’ll try to teach her this skill, which means i have to get the preach into practice, pronto!

    i remember a friend at primary school who has the most beautiful cursive writing. she was just transfered from another school & we all huddled in awe around her to see how she formed those letters.

  4. miss raggedyanne,
    do include cursive practice for your kids. No pressure, just for fun and to be different. Cool aye? Then share with me the result k. Salam!

  5. coachsha, insya allah, that’s why la kena tunggu anak dara besar dulu. baru 2 y o, crayon pun buat tonyoh2 kat lips lagi. ah yeah, how do i get her to leave this bad habit? i’ve told her countless times to NOT EAT THY CRAYONS! or should i just be patient and pack up her stuff when she’s showing signs of disinterest?

  6. ha..tonyoh2 ala-ala lipstick la tu… ikut mama dia la tu…ala comelnya (boleh bygkan!)
    Missy, you can’t really tell kiddies NOT to do things, right? So tell miss cutesie-pie what she CAN do instead. “Emm.. you can colour MY picture.” or “You can arrange the crayons dalam rumah dia.” or “ can use MY lipstick” muahahahahaa…

  7. coachsha,

    i learnt curvy writing from my kindergarten. but guess what, bila dah masuk darjah (or tahun??!!) 1, the teacher asked me to ‘potong’ all the ekor-ekor tu tau.. 😦

  8. Ms Lola,

    What a pleasure to have u here in casa-escuela.

    Tu maksudnya u dah ter-advance dari kanak-kanak seangkatan masa tu (termasuk cikgu sekali kot..hehe). Kesian..habis kontot tulisanmu…

    Hasta la vista, babe.

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