Maryam Mengemas

Our house is very simple. Minimalist (so far laa…in the future who knows?). Thus, a part of our homeschooling routine is to include our kids in setting the ‘floor’ (not dining table, don’t have one) for mealtime. The first student who will be on the move is our Ketua Kebersihan, Miss Maryam. Whenever she hears the word ‘lunch’, ‘cook’, ‘food’, ‘eat’, automatically she’d ask me for

reconfirmation – “Is it lunchtime/dinnertime?”. Then she’d go and roll out the mat, spread the ‘saprah’ and arrange plastic plates and cups. Sometimes everything is set way before the food is even ready. Talking about efficiency!


One thought on “Maryam Mengemas

  1. Dear Lil Maryam,

    You’re such adorable girl just like your mother.

    May Allah swt always blessed you my dear lil gal ^_-

    Hardworking, committed plus cheerful young lady, please let me hug you *cuddles*

    Keep up your great job. *gambatte ne*

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