Autobots..transform and roll out. Transformers..tenenet tenet… (tak hafal lirik laa).

Last Hari Raya, Muhammad n Musa’s money collection reflected the nation’s economic growth. Alhamdulillah. They spent a portion of Raya dough for Transformers Chess Set. They’ve been eyeing the set since Ramadhan when we took them to Toys r Us. So, we told them to start saving and use their own money to buy that. So, it’s timely that Eid was just around the corner.

I admit that I get confused when playing because the pieces look so…robotic. I mean each resembles the Transformers’ characters, unlike the usual chess. The boys have no problems with that. They love their mini robots.

I like it when Abie’s friends got so amazed with the chess set. They should get one while stocks last!

p/s: Once, they played chess online with a guy from Russia. That Russian won (takpe..we won’t be sore losers, right kids?) They enjoy playing with their Abie and Pak Lang. InshaAllah, we plan to enroll them in Intelligent Chess course at AMPAC, AzZahrah BBB. Come join us, friends!


6 thoughts on “Checkmate!

  1. Hi! I’m a geeky chess player too! Now that my skills dah rusty with my age (tak hebat mcm masa skolah2 dulu), i collect chess sets pulak. LOTR, frosted glass (mcm dlm X-men tu) are among my collections. Ada transformers ek kat toys r us, kena check out nih! hehe. amboi, kecik2 sudah lawan sama russian! BTW, tak tau plak pasal BBB ni ada int chess course! Sgt berminat nak enroll twins bila diorg dah cukup umur nanti. Thanks for the info coachsha.

  2. salam coachsha, dpt jugak anne cari kat sini, ekekeke, thanks for dropping by my blog ( i wonder where u hopped from)

    been a silent reader to mamafiza’s blog for quite some time, and it looks like i have to put you up in my reader as well from now on, and no, please don’t get me wrong, coz i’d love to do so! looking forward to reading more of your tips πŸ™‚

  3. salam coachsha,

    thx for visiting mine. R u staying in BBB too?? Hmm, if yes.. that would be really TERRIFIC!! Nice + well written blog you have here.

    I link yours to mine, yeah?? πŸ˜‰

  4. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    What a great endeavor from you and your kiddies *Congratulation!*

    I’m really thrilled by reading your post. Keep up your amazing writing my dear πŸ™‚

    My hubby is our mentor in learning Chess game *ehe I am only a “Dam” player*

    Go, go, go kiddies! *hugs n kisses*

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