Me on Air

Feb. 15, 2008 – 12 n00n

My round face was on tv. Wanita Hari Ini to be exact. The producer, Azizah Ariffin (my law of attraction ‘gang’) called me and invited me for the second time. Applause!! I love the topic – Benefits of Storytelling to Children. As usual, before I made my appearance on national tv, I will always do my research first. Always be prepared! From my quick research, experience and reading, I’ve summed up the benefits of storytelling into six categories:

C: Communication Skills – Listening especially. When kids listen, their brain absorbs words, phrases, the rhythm of the language. Listening involves EARS, EYES and HEART. Good listener makes a superb speaker.

E: Enhance Bonding – enuf said!

R: Reading & Writing Skills – Storytelling is the BRIDGE between ‘first’ language (listening, speech) and ‘second’ language (reading, writing). How can kids understand what they read when they don’t have enough info or input in their head? How can they write fluently if they have limited ideas?

I: Imagination leads to Creativity. Being creative is always a bonus. The brain is at work. When the brain is used to doing its work, i.e. thinking, InshaAllah our kids will grow up matured and wise.

T: Teaching Lessons. As I said on WHI – “Mana kita lebih suka, Cerita atau Ceramah?”

A: Attention-span. Kids have short attention span. Telling them stories teach them to focus. They must follow the sequence of the story from the start until the end right?

I’m reminding myself to keep doing this (storytelling) to my troop. Be a ‘selamba’ mama!

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