Album ku..

The compere of the day was Miss Fizza.  She made me feel at ease, thanks Fizza! For the show, she brought her along her favourite stuffed animals – Pepper, Oscar and a teddy bear.  Norish Karman came with her two kids (*adorable Pucchi and  cool Teddy*).  NK read a page to her kids.  I love her English accent.  From the way she told the fish story to her kids, we could tell that she does this often.   By the way, her kids are trilingual – English, BM and Mandarin.

Hmmm…purple is my colour, kan?


One thought on “Album ku..

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    You looks so gorgeous in purple color *yay*

    I always love your pretty smile ^_-

    My family and I were watching you at that moment on WHI *Congratulation!* – I still remembered you on WHI; how to encourage kids on reading.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. We truly appreciate your kindness.

    May Allah swt blessed you superb momma!

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