CLUEDO anyone?

We’ve just a found a new fun game for the whole family. Presenting…CLUEDO!!!

I bought this game for my Spoken English Cuti Sekolah class last year. Never got the chance to play it because I was not patient enough to sit and read the instruction over and over. Muhammad and Musa saw the game. Well, anything new that’s nicely wrapped in a box with catchy illustration can’t escape kid’s attention, right? As usual, the begging and pleading “please-can-we-play-it” started. My answer, “Later-later-later. I have to study the game first.” (heehehhh, guilty as charged!)

Last night, finally CLUEDO became part of mi familia’s bonding session. Should’ve seen the looks on Muhammad and Musa and even Maryam’s faces! They got all excited and became extra helpful – running to get small container to put the tokens, getting pencils for everyone, susun itu ini sampai tereksiden la pulak.

Oopsie woopsie!! Ummie left the instruction at Janaminda. Maryam frowned at me (hahah thinking that she actually wanted to play was funny). So, I downloaded the manual from Hasbro website (gee whiz..9.8MB) while Abie proceeded to read whatever is written on the box.

If you are a parent or a teacher, please…never UNDERESTIMATE a child’s ability to understand a complex instruction. At first we wanted to make our own rules because we didn’t want to confuse the kids. But then, we’d be committing a big mistake of underestimating our kids. And if they cannot understand, it’s because we cannot SIMPLIFY things, right?

So how did we do it? The kids know CSI. So we told them we are all detectives like CSI people trying to solve a murder case. WHO killed the man? Using WHAT weapon? and WHERE?

Who won? This is tricky. Abie made the accusation first – WRONG! (tu la tak berkat sebab nampak Musa punya kad and Muhammad asyik ter’beritahu’ kad apa yang dia ada). Then Ummie’s turn. Haahaa WRONG! (tak berkat jugak sebab niat di hati nak lawan Abie). The kiddos’ attempt to ACCUSE was funny because…. (tell you later!)

The game is suitable for ages 8+, but mi familia managed to play it with Muhammad 6+ and Musa 5+. Not bad, aye?


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