Learning is Fun!

Abang reading a poem to SarahReaders are Leaders  

Muhammad reading a poem, “The Boys’ Song” to Sarah while she’s being dressed by Umie. Alhamdulillah, Abang’s reading has improved tremendously once we’ve found the right switch. He loves maps, countries, factual stuff. He loves poem because poems have rhyme and they are songs without music, right?

Musa reading song lyric. Jefferson Starships’ “Sarah”. Remember the 80’s song? ‘Sarah..Sarah..storms are brewing in your eyes’ (dedicated to Sarah who always sleeps. After all, she’s brewing up a storm, aye?)

Maryam taking her turn to ‘read’ from her colourful and glittery picture book. We were in the van on the way to Mak Njang’s house. There was a picture of a tree but she ‘read’ it as ‘broccoli’. Oh, one more, a picture of a rattle but Maryam recognized it as a …. ‘lollipop’! Well done, kak Yam.


One thought on “Learning is Fun!

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    I am really adore of your ways in guiding your little ones to be such a remarkable individual.

    Keep up your super-duper-great job momma!

    p/s: I am one your biggest fan ^_-

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