As English Coaches, both of us always look for ways to get students to talk. We’ve found one of the right switches – playing Game of Life in class. This game is best played with secondary school students up to adults (we conduct Spoken English for adults as well). When we play with junior classes (primary 4-6), we’d simplify the game.

Our boys have been begging us to allow them to play for ages, sorry for the exaggeration. But we’ve always said, “Not now, coz you are still small. See the age group here? 9 and above? You are five and four right?”

They stopped asking. For a while. Whenever Muhammad and Musa followed us to Janaminda, our training center and saw the G.o.L box, the begging started again. Same answer given. Until one day…

Hey, if this works with other people’s kids, of course they are big kids, we could make this game work for our little kiddos, right? Both of us haven’t played the game for quite some time, just supervising the students in class and helping them with scripts. It’d be FUN to play together with the kiddos. Aha!!! New homeschooling syllabus created.


Skills ‘caught’ from the game:

  • counting (they spin the wheel and count the steps, counting money, paying others, counting change)
  • polite expression (saying PLEASE, Thank You, My Pleasure, Excuse Me)
  • taking turns
  • decision-making (which van to choose, which path to take)
  • real life scenario (buying insurance, taking bank loans, investing in a stock – never underestimate your kids, when you explain and answer their questions well, they CAN understand)
  • social interaction (role playing – become a doctor, teacher, entertainer, athlete, etc.)
  • organization (in arranging the bills, the cards);

and basically, we just have tons of fun playing the game. So, ayah and ibu out there, we really recommend this game as a family bonding time.
Visit the nearest Parkson (just bought a new one in Alamanda recently) or Toys r Us and bring back this bundle of joy.

Price range: RM 119 – 130. C’mon, investment guys!!!

If you want to know more about this game go to


One thought on “GAMEofLIFE

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    What a great game! *yatta*

    I’m sure your kiddies love ’em indeed 🙂

    Superb job momma~

    May Allah swt always blessed your lovely family. Amin~

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