CSI in the HOUSE


‘Crime’ scene: kitchen

Suspect-cum-victim: the girl

Evidence: bits and pieces of cili kering, a knife, a bleeding index finger (blood trickling..) and a little girl in terror

Investigator: the mother

Photographer/interrogator: the father

Sequence of events: The boys taking nap. The baby sleeping like a baby. The father also napping. The mother … resting in peace (pun intended).

Mother heard some noise in the kitchen. Suspected something fishy but the suspect said she was taking milk from the fridge. Heard clinging noise (spoons and forks, kot?)

Mother went to crime scene to investigate. Caught in action. The girl holding a small knife looking at the mother with eyes wide open. “Want to peel the onions,” said the girl. “Naaa..aa..aaa…dangerous. Gimme the knife, please.” Suspect obeyed. Mother returned to enjoy the tranquil afternoon.

Suddenly… “Uwaaaaaa aaaaa aa” Mother rushed to the crime scene (still in ‘pantang’ ya). The girl showed a bleeding index finger. No sharp object in sight. Mother called Father. Mother saw a bigger knife near the sink. Mother cleaned Girl’s cut. A small, cute cut. After the wailing ended, interrogation began.

Father interrogated: Were you using a knife?

Suspect/victim: (shaking head)

F: What hurt you? What happened?

S/V: (sobbing) Spoon…

Hmm…we smelled a rat….but don’t jump the gun yet, don’t get too excited folks.

Same question asked, same answer repeated.

Then come the leading question.

Father took the knife and asked: Which part of this knife hurt you?

Girl: pointed to the middle of the knife.


F: Would you want to use this knife again?

G: (Hid behind Mother, shaking her head profusely). CASE CLOSED. Mother, Father and Girl learnt their lessons.

2 thoughts on “CSI in the HOUSE

  1. Dear Lil Gal; Maryam,

    How are you today, my dear? *uh oh!*

    I truly hope you’ll recover soon. My prayer will always be for you and your beloved family *Insya-Allah*

    Please do take great care. God bless ya. Amin~

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