learning journey

we are a travelling family. the white toyota hiace is our second crib. full of books, toys, crumbs of food, kiddos’s shoes, pillows etc.
when our english sure boleh seminar road tour is in full swing, we live in and out of the duffelbags n hop frm one hotel to another (2-3.5stars yeah!)
hence we make use of the time in the van for kids’ schooling. our ‘sillybus’:
1. simple du’a, selawat n zikr
2. nasyid n english nursery rhymes n pop songs
3. playing ‘i spy’
4. reading
5. chatting
6. q n a session
and whatever topics/lessons deemed appropriate. tiring but fun n fulfilling!
so hooray vanschooling!
ps: sorry lowercasing all letters, usg abi’s phone

One thought on “learning journey

  1. Dear Miss CoachSha,

    What a marvelous journey!

    I bet your kiddies must really enjoying their days~

    Have a pleasant day & safe journey 🙂

    p/s: I can’t read inside any vehicle except KTM, uh oh, really dizzy~

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