homeschool’s cool

Thank you to fellow homeschool mama, mamafiza ( for her very organized time blocks for h-skuling.

I’m a ‘kalut’ type of mum (so many things to do at once)- though I prefer to call my style of managing my kids’ schooling as ‘organized chaos’ (gulp!). ‘Apa taknye, mengajar ikut dan je’. Ex: Hey, let’s do cursive handwriting today, kiddos! Ok let’s take a nap. Ready, now let’s do a play..Muhammad, you’ll be The King, Musa The Tailor, Maryam The Little Princess.

Mis estudiantes So when I got the schedule from mamafiza on how she organizes her kids’ activities, it’s like I’m seeing a light at the end of a torchlight.

I must say that credit goes to the kiddos’ Abi (my habibi) who is very creative and passionate when he’s teaching-playing with them. He’d make time to play chess with the boys, quizzing them (and Maryam too) on World History and Geography and answer their endless questions about this world and nature. Thanks Abi!

Today is day 33 of my ‘pantang’ – got an invitation from familyplace, a h-skuling community in Subang Jaya, to attend their dialogue session. They want us to share our h/s approach with other parents. Honestly, when we homeschool our kids, we are learning m0re from our kiddos. What looks good in books and on papers does not necessarily work out in practice.

Gotta go. Wanna have my nightly chat with Maryam (my little fashionista). Adios! Salam.


2 thoughts on “homeschool’s cool

  1. Dear Miss Coach Sha,

    Wish you were in great health together with your lovely newborn & 3 lil cutie pie *cheers*

    Congratulation for tha new member of your family *yatta*

    I’m truly thank you for your support, love and pure friendship. May Allah swt bless your sweet family. Amin~

    Keep up the superb work on your home-school family.

    Indeed, there are so many things that I need to learn from you ^_-

    Thanks again. Please take care and miss you!

  2. i`m sorry for graping your time…

    i just want u to explain more about h/s…

    actually my english vocab not very good but after i come to your esb seminar i become more lovely with english language.

    so, if u have time please reply my comment or just sent it to my email at

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